New Wave Vaping

By Peter Zapfella

The multi-national tobacco companies want you to quit tobacco smoking.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the pace of uptake of vaping or e-cigarettes is increasing at an alarmin rate. The new users are either former tobacco smokers or children and youth who are completely new customers.

This pays into the coffers of multi-national tobacco companies because they own the patents and in many cases manufacture the product to. Popular e-cigarette brands owned by British American Tobacco, Altria and RJ Reynolds include;

  • VaporFi
  • Vuse
  • Blu
  • Juuls
  • MarkTen
  • Vype

The advantages of the e-cigarette market to tobacco companies include;

  • No restriction on advertising, unlike tobacco. They are currently investing around $38 million a day on advertising.
  • They can recruit new customers, particularly teenagers through social media marketing.
  • Greater profits
  • Less taxation

The major markets are currently in;

  • USA
  • Japan
  • UK
  • Europe

The estimated number of users is currently around 55 million. This is still a tiny number when compared to tobacco at an estimated 1.1 billion smokers world-wide.

As a psychotherapist working with addicts for almost 2 decades I have watched the rate of tobacco smokers fall by more than half, while the numbers of addicted vapers increases. It is almost funny to watch people transision from tobacco across to vaping, where they actually maintain their smoking habit. From there they either get hooked on vaping or switch back to tobacco.

Cancer Council SA manager of tobacco control Lauren Maksimovic said the majority of e-cigarette smokers reported the devices failed to help reduce their cravings or quit.

“A majority of the people reported that they were using them to try to quit attempts,” she said. “They were also using them to replace the hand to mouth action … and what we found was that didn’t help them to quit smoking. A lot of people in our study found that it was too similar to smoking, they were using that hand to mouth action but it actually enhanced their smoking. It was just the same thing they were continuing to smoke.”

Meantime teenagers think it is cool to vape, and before they know it they are hooked. For some it is a gateway to tobacco. The Cancer Council (Australia) reports vaping as the most popular form of smoking in the 18-24 year age group. The US Surgeon General refers to the ‘youth e-cigarette epidemic’.

“I would encourage people using vaping — even as a way of stopping smoking — to also stop vaping.“ said Coral Gartner, who leads the NiAcotine and Tobacco Regulatory Science Research Group at the University of Queensland.

While some tobacco smokers switch to vaping because they say ‘it is the lesser of two evils’from a health perspective no one knows if it is safer.

Vaping is not only a gateway to tobacco smoking, it also has health implications. Inhaled glycerin is causing lung infections. Other flavors are causing irritation and inflammation in the breathing passages. Deaths have been recorded among the scores of vapers who have been admitted into hospital with respiratory problems.

Vaping nicotine is legal in Britain, New Zealand, the US and Canada, however, the sale of liquid nicotine is illegal in Australia — a ban that was upheld by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in 2017.

Vaping is still relatively new, so no one knows the long-term effects yet. Simon Chapman, emeritus professor of public health at Sydney University, recently told the media “It will take decades before we know whether or not vaping is less dangerous than smoking, and by how much, if at all.”

Smokers should realize that there is a safe alternative. Rather than switch from tobacco to vaping chemicals. Quit smoking.

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